Welcome to Nurse Maude vacancies

At Nurse Maude we have over 900 very talented and committed staff who apply their collective experience, knowledge and skills to enable us to provide services in the community, in specialist clinics and in the Hospital and Hospice.

These people lead the way in nursing, home support and care coordination. You'll also find them delivering meals, linen, equipment and products to our clients in the community. Supporting these front line staff is a strong team in IT, maintenance, surgical supplies, finance and administration. As well, our team of volunteers is critical to providing support in the Hospice and Hospital as well as helping out across the organisation.

We are always looking for talented, innovative, resilient and caring people to join us. So, if you are ready to be acknowledged and rewarded for your skills and performance, and want to take advantage of the career and development opportunities we can offer, contact us now. We're always happy to hear from people who want to work with us to lead the way in community care. To view our corporate site click here: www.nursemaude.org.nz/

A list of our current opportunities are outlined below:


No current vacancies!